Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Go Somewhere Else

Really. This has nothing to do with my trying to wrestle back my blog from the male chauvinists who've absconded with it. Seriously. There's just a couple of other good blogs out there y'all might want to check out. I mean that.

Dineen Miller has an interview with suspense queen Brandilyn Colllins this week on her blog.

Robin Miller is doing a series on agents and this week has Sha-Shana Crichton as a guest.

And Christopher Fisher is doing an awesome job relaying his experience at Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing program, University of Southern Maine. The post “Day Two (continued again): Ann Hood, Narrativity and Film” is an excellent summary of story elements and presents some great thoughts that we can all apply to our WIPs.

Besides, nothing has burned at my house lately and I’m not injured, so I don’t have anything to say.

And no one really wants to read the comments from the last post, I'm sure. Nope. Nothin' there, so don't even bother to look.


  1. Peter (yes, she's still married to me)February 1, 2006 at 9:07 PM

    Other posts to go to? Why? There are still "issues" unresolved from the previous post.

    ... and where is my dinner???

  2. Thanks for the plug, Jennifer. I sure hope Peter has seen the "wrath of woman." Like Helen Reddy said, "Hear me roar!"

    (Did I just age myself?)

  3. Peter, I think your wife is trying to make us crawl back under our respective rocks with big words like 'absconded'.

    Come on man...can't you control your woman!?!

    (I think I may already know the answer to that...)

    Think I'll go hide out at Dineen's blog so my wife won't whap me in the head again.

  4. Instead of reading my smart-aleck responses to my wife's posts, you really should check out the other blogs/posts that my beautiful wife has recommended. After all, she's always right!

    Absconded? I'll have to look up the meaning of that word. Sounds like a stomach problem.

    As far as age goes, well, Helen Reddy was born in 1942...

    Ooops! Gotta go get breakfast ready, start the laundry, get the kids ready for school,... (hear me wimper!).

  5. LOLOLOLOL.......thanks for the plug, Jennifer! And uh, Peter and Michael, I'd say...RUN! LOL Visions of Forest Gump are fast-forwarding through my head....Run Peter & Mike, Run! LOL

  6. LOL~~
    I have $5 on Jennifer!! Actually I have $5 on Michael's better half too!! :-)
    Thanks for the updates on the other blogs!!

  7. I'm back after being sidelined by a migraine that I'm sure was induced by the great burdens I have to bear that go by the names of Peter and Mike.

    Peter, I have a big word for you: mendacious. At the risk of garnering you sympathy, I have to set the record straight. Honey, you are out of the house before anyone is up. So breakfast? Getting the kids ready for school?

    And how do you know when Helen Reddy was born? Secret fan, huh?

  8. Don't worry, Peter, I got your back man.

    Mendacious: To recuperate in an extremely appetizing manner. (I think your wife just gave you permission to lay around with your feet propped up on Superbowl Sunday while she brings you snacks. Dude!)

  9. Peter (still hubby of Jennifer)February 5, 2006 at 10:00 AM

    Mike, I do that anyways! But thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Obviously, the females around here don't want my backwards attitude interjecting in their precious blogs, so, I will do what any upstanding Christian man should do, and that is to go read my Bible. I'll start off right in Genesis, and read about what it was like in the Garden of Eden, before the first woman ate the first man out of house and home!

    Go Steelers!

  10. Yikes. Dude, you better double-check that stack of Blockbuster DVD's and make sure there's not a couple of mafia how-to's in there.

    The story about the blanket and the aluminum baseball bat comes to mind.

    And I do believe I concur...go steelers (note the lower-case letters as I'm having a hard time getting up for this one. so if they jump out to a big lead by half-time, by loyalty will probably shift to the northwest birds. just looking for a Rose Bowl-esque finish.)

  11. Let me just say this about the Garden of Eden. What was Adam doing while Eve was getting into trouble? Was he rescuing her? No. He was standing around doing nothing. Has anything changed? No.

    Mike, you were wondering why in that last story the character's name was Peter? The dead husband? I rest my case. However, might have to have a dead crit partner too in there.

    Right now, I don't care who wins the Superbowl. I wanted to take my computer to the party to work but Peter nixed that idea. Why, I don't know. I have a few more people to kill off.

  12. You guys have too much fun! Stop it right now. Christians aren't supposed to have such a great . . . I mean strong sense of humor. LOL

    Hey--on Monday, 2-13, I'm posting a really cool interview with Mary DeMuth about her new book. Just thought your readers might want to know about that, too, while you're giving out such great ideas. :o)

  13. Thanks, Paula for letting us know about that. I'll definitely check it out.