Saturday, May 13, 2006

100 Is the Magic Number

Now if you've watched Schoolhouse Rock, you think three is the magic number (and now you'll have that song in your head all day). But really 100 is the magic number. At least in Arizona. We officially hit 100 degrees yesterday so that means summer is here. In about a month we'll be hitting 110 every day.

Let the complaining begin.


  1. Well, we get up to very wet, sloppy high nineties with regularity in summer. My hair goes SPROING.

    And I'll take a dry 110 daily if it means NO HURRICANES.

    Summer here is the season of "your house blowing to bits and your trees uprooting in 110 mmp winds."

    Yeah, heat be better than hurricanes. :)

    Happy sweating.

  2. It's pretty hot in Texas, too. We went to a wedding this afternoon and stood outside sweltering as we waited to toss birdseed on the bride and groom.

    Since the birdseed was in lovely little mesh drawstring bags, I entertained those in my vicinity with a spontaneous rendition of "Feed the Birds" (a la Mary Poppins) while we waited. It was inspirational, if I do say so myself. Too bad the families didn't think in advance to charge tuppence a bag. They could have recouped some of their expenses. "And," she continued to babble incoherently, "I don't think the heat had any effect on me whatsoever . . ."

  3. Hey Mike...
    So's an oven.

    Abundant toasty blessings!

  4. Yep, and I'll take a dry heat any day to the humidity you guys put up with. Except that at 115, it pretty much feels like stepping into an oven regardless. But no hurricanes here or any other natural disasters. We get some really cool thunderstorms in July and August when the monsoon starts. Great lightning shows.

    Jeanne, you should have put out a hat and donated the proceeds to the happy couple. Might have garnered more than a tuppance.

  5. Hey, Jenny just stepped on my post!

  6. 100? Nice. I've been suffering with high humidity and high 80s. First weekend of summer, althought it doesn't FEEL like summer yet. Wonder what it will take to convince me?

  7. See, I just love saying that to people "out west". But you guys were nicer than most.

  8. We were feeling magnanimous since Arizona sports teams are doing really well right now.

  9. Amen to that, but I won't feel safe until Steve Nash hits that final three (nothing but net) to win the NBA championship. BTW, have you ever noticed that baseball has the World Series and football has the Superbowl, but the NBA has "the play-offs"? Can't they come up with a cool name to go with an exciting game?

    Abundant blessings,

    PS Mike, I'm not that nice. You just need to add some snark to your reading interpretation;-)

  10. It's sooo hot up here too. I think we hit 80. LOLOL. I'm glad I live in Flagstaff, because the heat makes me cranky.