Tuesday, May 9, 2006

An Article Worth Reading

Mary DeMuth has a great article on the Master's Artist today, Ten Things I've Learned as a Newly-Published Writer. It's well worth checking out and thinking about.

And on a completely unrelated note, I've spent this week tearing apart my office, painting it, and rearranging it. These kinds of projects always start with something small. In this case, someone gave us a pretty cool desk. Since I had to move the existing desks around to get the new desk in, I thought, "Hey, I might as well paint while I'm doing that." Then I decided to reassign the purpose of all three desks in the office since I was getting a new one. Which means shuffling computers and books and papers. And of course, once the painting's done, and my new desk installed, I'll need more shelves and a new desk lamp. Probably some sort of rolling cart since the desk has no drawers.

For all this effort, my new workspace better inspire some creativity.


  1. All this painting reminds me of someone. Hmmmmm.

    Good thing you're not trying to do it with your arm in a sling. Then again, you mastered swimming with two broken arms, so . . . :)

  2. Ah, I hadn't thought about that. That's actually funny. I hadn't realized Heather and I were alike in that particular quirk. What I was thinking about was getting your Kyle to come paint a mural on my walls. And the room isn't finished yet. There's still a decent chance I might end up with a broken arm before it's done. Though hopefully not a gunshot wound.

    And it is completely Mike's fault that the broken arm swimming thing will haunt me for the rest of my days. Though I think Dave Long actually made the connection and Mike just ran with it. It was never that interesting of a story until they got a hold of it.

  3. What I was thinking is that I hope your fascination with Opi hasn't 'spilled' over into your painting life. It's gonna take a TON of those tiny bottles to cover your walls!

    Of course, you could think of your wall-painting as research for your novel.

    In which case...bring your dogs inside and and lock the doors!

  4. Yeah, maybe all those nail polish fumes will create a surreal, creative experience.

    This office thing has derailed as of last night. I'm thinking it'll end up being a post of its own.

    If I survive.

  5. Put the hammer down!
    We can work this all out.
    No painting the kids, just step out of the office and breath non-fumed air (if you can find any in this valley).
    Is your head clearing? Yes? Good. School is out in just two more weeks and then I can come out and talk you down in person, K? :-)
    Love ya!
    Abundant blessings!