Thursday, July 27, 2006

Monsoon Madness

The monsoon is finally in full swing this week. We got entertained last night with a four hour thunder-lightning-wind-rain show. It's one of the things I love best about Arizona. We ended up with 2.5 inches, which may not seem like a lot to you folks, but it's more than we've had total here in over a year.

Thanks to my digital camera and iMovie, I managed to pull of some stills of the lightning from my upstairs window.

On a final note, Sabrina has an interview with Rachel Hauck up on her blog. Go visit them for a chance to win one of Rachel's books.


  1. Cool photos, Jen. Thunderstorms are common here, too. We love them.

    Glad you got some rain.

  2. Thunderstorms???

    More like thunderstorms on steroids!

  3. Pretty cool pics, Jen. And a big thank you for the plug!

  4. Those are cool photos. But you need to fess up. That one is just a picture of the worm in ya'lls bottle of tequila.

    And congrats on the rain.

  5. Mike, would that make it a glow worm?

    I don't buy tequila with worms. Yuck! Actually, I don't buy tequila at all, that falls under Peter-the-former-bartender's domain. If you ask me about wine, however, I'll have some definite opinions.

    And fess up, you were reading the Early Bird thread on the forum, weren't you?

  6. Over here in Surprise, we got nothing! Just heat and humidity! Did I mention my son's new High School is Valley Vista High School, home of the Monsoon? Check out the website to see a cool logo. My son and I came up with the mascot name. There ain't nothing tougher than Arizona Monsoon.

  7. That storm was amazing! I'm glad you got some shots of it because the light show needed to be seen to be believed! Wow! And Phil's right--thunderstorm on steroids!
    He got to help clean up that mess the next day. On the news there were shots of trailor parks that got hit and the aftermath of ceiling fans laying down the center of the street. But man, we so needed the rain. Thank You, Lord!
    Abundant blessings,
    Jenny Cary

  8. BEAUTIFUL pictures, girl! Thanks for sharing them. WOW!!

  9. Whoa! Those are some serious storms! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

    We just got hit with the remnants of the hurricane turned tropical depression, Daniel. One day of rain and now it's beautiful again. It was actually cool enough I was reaching for hot chocolate last night. But that didn't happen because Dad drank all the milk.

    Might have been a good thing after the lizard experience. :/

  10. Great picture, Jen! I miss storms so much. The one draw back of living inland of SF. We have hills to stop it. Oh well...

  11. Wow, I remember storms like that from my Chicago-suburb childhood. Out here in the OC we almost never get true thunderstorms. And when we do they're nothing like the window-rattling, ear-splitting, eye-blinding storms I grew up with. Talk about God showing off! :)