Friday, September 29, 2006

My One Year Anniversary . . .

. . . was September 20. If I’d been slightly more coherent, I would have realized that the one-year anniversary of my blogging passed the first day I was in Dallas. I guess because I started blogging after last year’s conference in Nashville that I was thinking the anniversary would be after the conference.

I never intended to become a blogger. What could I possibly say that anyone would want to hear? I still feel like that’s true. But like many things in life, this was Mike’s fault. I wanted to leave a comment on his blog and to do that, I had to have a Blogger account. (Funny thing. As I was trying to find my first comment on Mike’s blog, I realized I hadn’t learned yet people respond to your comments so you have to go back and check. So a year later: no, yes, and I hope so.) And after that I realized that I wanted to share with a bunch of people my thoughts on the conference and a blog would be a good way to do that without sending out a lot of e-mails.

And I never planned to blog after that until I had some Amazing Writing News. Still waiting for that. But I posted a picture of Arizona on my blog a little later because I thought it was cool, and Mike and Jenny responded. So then I thought I’d blog when the mood struck me and now it’s become a pretty regular thing. I’m humbled and amazed by the people who stop by and leave comments. But the best thing about blogging was completely unexpected. It’s been a great way to keep in contact with all you wonderful people I call friends. The immense loneliness I felt after getting back home from Dallas has been lightened somewhat by hanging out on your blogs. I can’t imagine how much worse I would have felt if I didn’t have that to look forward to.

So, now I’m thinking we need a cyberparty. Maybe a giant chat room? Any thoughts?

. . .


  1. Fault? My fault? Just look at all the new cyberpals you've accumulated.

    Happy Anniversary. I would sing that cheesy Little River Band song from my youth, but...

    -I don't sing well
    -Can't remember all the lyrics
    -You can't really sing on a blog


  2. Okay, fine. I'll give you the CREDIT. Happy now?

    I still think you owe me cake or something. Though, you did share your tiramisu, so I guess I shouldn't complain. But that was before I knew it was my anniversary, so it probably doesn't count.

    . . .

  3. Hey we could do a giant chatroom on AIM. Haven't done that in awhile. Happy (belated) blogging anniversary. :)

    And hey, Mike may share tiramisu but I shared my steak and marshmallows. Doesn't that count?

  4. Oh wait considering you all treated me to dinner that night never mind. I obviously have no business reading blogs at 1 in the morning.

    Oh the disasters that occur from taking a four hour nap starting at 5 pm. You stay up all night. :)

  5. No, Jen, I think you were right the first time--Fault. It spread like chicken pox in a kindergarten room (okay, I was going to say head lice but it's not that bad).
    And I miss all the fun and laughs, too, especially after your fab late night chat removed to our hotel room but the crowd in the bedroom is smaller these days (just me and my hubby) so if we do some cyber party, remind me to use my PC in my office and not the laptop in my bedroom. Phil may not appreciate the crowd.

    Happy belated anniversary!
    Love ya!

    Abundant blessings,
    Jenny Cary

  6. Everyday, more computer geekness seeps into my veins. First, email. Then, blogging, No, chats? I'd like to be disgusted with myself. What's next? Trekkie conferences?
    But I can't help prancing around the office (eh-hem) wagging my tail like the puppy who just saw her master pick up the leash. Chat? Where? Where? I can chat.
    Why is it that all the wonderful people in the world (excepting my hubby, of course) live so far away?

  7. Okay, I am not particularly chat savvy, but here are our options. AIM, Yahoo Messenger or the ACFW chatroom. We can even get a password to use the ACFW chatroom privately. I don't know enough about it to know the pros and cons, but I suspect if we all have AIM or Yahoo Messenger (and everyone can get it for free) we can set up a time and exchange those ID thingys. What do you call those?

    Any suggestions on days and times? I'm probably the most flexible. I'm think the eastern more part of our group should have more say in the time since it gets late earlier for them. Did any of that even make sense? :) Nights that don't work for me: Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday (because I have to get up early on Tuesday and Thursday). Oh, and it can't be on Thursday during the Office but other than that, I'm good.

  8. MSN has a pretty good IM system as well.

    I have AIM and MSN. I'm for either of those.

    So Jenn, being most flexible, I hear you saying that you have Tuesday or Friday night available?

    I'm game for Tuesday night.

    I'm in Central time with Heather. We're in the middle of you and Mike. (You're Mountain? Shoot, maybe Pacific? I can't remember now where the line is)

    How's Tuesday? Mike, pick a time.

  9. Okay Tuesdays are good. I'm Mountain but we don't do Daylight Saving so we're with the Pacificers until next month. No big. Two hours difference now, one hour difference later.

    So, yeah, back to Mike . . .

  10. Wow, I feel so special all the sudden.

    Tuesdays work for me. But I don't typically fire up the computer till about 10pm central.

    And there will have to be some ground rules. If anyone makes fun of my glasses, I won't be able to get any writing done.


  11. Okay, so next Tuesday, 10 PM Central. Which IM system?

  12. Tuesdays work for me. I'm actually off on Tuesdays and don't have to get up early on Wednesdays, but I have no clue what the time difference between Hawaii and Central is. Someone clue me in?

    Any chat system works for me, I have all of them. :)

  13. There is apparently a chat room on ACFW website but I have never been in there. Might be fun.
    I didn't meet you in Dallas - where were you hanging out??

  14. Tues work for me. I used to meet Tues nights with my best friend at Starbucks. Then she moved to Chicago. Weep, weep.
    I have yahoo IM. I'm sure my computer savvy husband could set up something else that I need. Or maybe I could try figuring it out for myself. Novel idea.

  15. Okay, Tuesday night, 10 PM Central using AIM. E-mail your screenames to me at jennifer at jennifertiszai . com (without the spaces, obviously) and I'll set up a room and invite y'all.

    Heather, if you need help downloading AIM, let me know. And you still owe me pics!

  16. Oh, a chat party sounds like fun! Is that like a frat party? Girl, you sound like me. I had no idea what this blogging thing was about. Happy Anniversary!