Monday, October 9, 2006

I'll Be Back Soon . . . Promise

I know I need to blog about something, and I have some ideas, but I'm a little distracted right now with moving and other things . . .

But later this week I'll have an interview with Alison Strobel, author of Violette Between and Worlds Collide. She and I have an interesting connection, but you'll have to read the interview to find out.

So until then, feel free to make up random comments. Probably will be more interesting than anything I could come up with right now anyway.


  1. OH, can I plug my blog? ;) I'm interviewing Denise Hunter on my blog....

    We're giving away a copy of Finding Faith.

  2. Oh Malia, you mentioned donuts. Now there's something I can blog about. I've been in a huge depression over the fact they closed the Krispy Kreme here, so they aren't even in the grocery stores. Since I don't really like any other kind of donut, I'm not sure how I'm going to survive. Anyone got any ideas?

    Sabrina, plug away. Everybody else, go visit Sabrina's blog.

    Mike, we can talk baseball anytime you want . . .

  3. What's so great about Krispy Kreme anyway?
    Random tidbit: the museum scene of When Harry Met Sally, the best movie ever to have been made, is improved. Billy Crystal starts. The director motions for Meg Ryan to go with it.
    I use this little bit in my novel.

  4. Heather, what's so great about Krispy Kreme? You're kidding, right? Have you ever had them hot off the assembly line thingy? Oh wow!

    And funny you should mention When Harry Met Sally. Whenever people ask what my favorite movie is, that one always pops in my head, but I don't really know why. Though I have some theories . . . Anyhow, maybe if you enlighen us (me) on why you like it, I'll figure it out.

  5. Jen, they closed Krispy Kreme? I'm in mourning with you. I don't get those nice, hot, sweet donuts very often but when I do, mmmm....Okay, I haven't had a hot one for four years, but I get them occasionally for fundraisers or when people go to Maui. Dad has strict orders with his business trips to bring them back or not come home.

    Well next time you go to California you can get some right? At at least they'll be hot.

    BTW if you have Dunkin Donuts they aren't bad. I like the little minis. And of course they closed that here too. I have to get donuts from Safeway. Sooo not the same. *sigh*

  6. I just realized that what I meant to be improv in the past tense came out as improved, as in better. You know, I'm not sure why it's my favorite. It just is. Maybe I love the development of their relationship. Maybe I like the righting. Maybe I like the friendships. Who knows?
    And, yes, I am serious about Krispy Kreme. But I don't really like glazed donuts. I like cake ones. Cinnamon cake donuts. Mmm. The best bakery is in Collingswood, NJ. McMillan's. Wow. I may have to divert this to my blog at some point in time with a picture of this wonderful spot, this garden of Eden with sugar and thick, whipped creme. And I'm so very far away.

  7. I'm full of typos! Righting should be writing. oops.

  8. Have fun moving. Also, your backyard plan looks groovy. Also, also, I'm sorry about your Krispy Kreme Krisis. If it makes you feel any better, M-Town, Tejas ain't got no KK to close down. Our town fathers avoid losing businesses by never having any in the first place.

    As for blogs, I finally finished writing our travel adventures--those long, droning, play-by-play reports by which I seem to have driven most of my former readers either insane or just away. But it's over now, so y'all can make like the munchkins and come out of hiding now. (Well, now. Doesn't Mikey-poo look cute in those knickers and striped tights!)

  9. Go Mets !!!

    Isn't it too bad about the Yankees??? Yeah, right! I guess the Bronx Bombers really bombed.

  10. Ah, Jeanne, I LOVED your play-by-play through Europe. It was the next best thing to being there. And your Mikey-poo comment is pretty darn funny too.

    So everyone, after you've read Sabrina's blog, go read Jeanne's. You'll wish you were there. Oh, and her pics are totally fab.

  11. Thanks, Jen. You're the best almost sister I ever had. :)

    (In case anyone actually wants to read my blog, you won't find it on my blogger profile. It's called The View From Here, and the URL is

  12. Okay, you all missed it--my hubby is singing and dancing about those Mets! We're talkin' happy camper! Yeah!

    On the other hand, I've shed a tear or two over the Krispy Kreme Krisis myself--it's just not fair to tease and tantlize and then take them away. NOT FAIR!
    Abundant blessings,
    Jenny Cary

  13. We don't have a local Krispy Kreme, but our Marsh Supermarket carries them. Yum...I'm thinking it's good we don't have one here.

    So, donuts...that's the going blog topic??? Better hurry back, Jen. Never know what's next. ;)

    And hey, wish we were there to help with the move. :/