Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is Your Book Addiction Ruining Your Financial Future?

This tongue-in-check article from The New Yorker playfully considers how our addiction to books could be robbing us of a secure financial future. Those of us who would seriously consider blowing the grocery budget on a shopping spree at a bookstore will find it particularly amusing.

(credit to Lisa Samson, though I'm so far behind on blogs, y'all probably have read it by now)


  1. Someone besides God knows me way too well. Scary. Looking over my shoulder for Big Brother now.

    Years ago we moved into a new house. My darling husband thought he had a brillient idea for emptying the backend of the truck filled with boxes of my books--he opened a window in the house and tossed them through so he wouldn't have to carry the heavy things. I think my heart had to be jumpstarted again. I love my books!

    Abundant blessings,
    Jenny Cary

  2. I've reverted to library books again, too. Just can't afford to buy everything I want to read these days. Of course, I buy them for my kids, though. Hey, what's up with that?? :-D

  3. I either get books from author friends, or I use the library!

  4. hee-hee. laugh of guilt. i just blew the grocery budget for the next two months on books this week. and this is after checking out oh-so-many from the library. so, can i move in with you?