Friday, December 21, 2007

Saturday Night Fun

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I'm still alive and have a lot to blog about, but between getting snowed in and the Internet going out, I've been playing catch up all week.

A couple of weeks ago Sissy participated in a cheerleading camp hosted by the local high school cheerleaders. The finale of it was that the girls would cheer in the stands at the high school basketball game and do the dance routine they learned at half time at the varsity game. So Calvin and I went to watch and video tape.

I hadn't been to a high school basketball game since I was in high school, and I was pretty much expecting to see what I saw then.

Boy was I wrong. First of all, I'm now old enough to be the players' mother.

Second, we arrived during the girls' game and they were GOOD! They played as aggressively as the boys and were far more talented in shooting and running plays than the girls on my high school basketball team were.

Third, I don't remember basketball being played on Saturday night. Then again, the production they put on was worthy of Saturday night entertainment. The boys' team came in with an introduction and warm-up routine worthy of the pros. Between the cheer routine, the music, and the tossing of t-shirts to the audience, it was quite the event.

The press thought so too. The local radio station covered the game live with two reporters. I also saw three photographers and one print journalist.

However, some things remained solidly Midwestern. Like the guys on the opposing team who thought long white knee socks with baggy basketball shorts were a great fashion statement. Or their coach, a Pat Riley wannabe, complete with the decades-old couture.

But I really can't make any judgments about anyone else's fashion statements when close to home I had issues of my own to deal with. Part way through the game I happened to look down at Calvin and really notice what he was wearing. His thermals. Only his thermals. No pants. Hmm. Luckily they were black. I usually have to remind him to put on a coat and gloves, and sometimes socks. Never thought I'd have to remind him to put on pants. Then again, he's a West Coaster. He's never worn two pairs of pants at the same time before.

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