Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do Hard Things

Which would seem to include, for me, updating my blog. I do have a good excuse. Right after Calvin's Festival of Faith and Writing I moved. Only about 30 minutes away and nearer my church but to a different time zone. And the kids are still playing soccer in the old time zone. Needless to say, most nights I'm not getting home until almost 8 and then scrounging around in boxes and cupboards trying to remember where I've put things.

So. Hopefully things will soon be better. Or I'll lose my mind. One of the two.

I recently joined the NON First alliance and I really enjoyed this first book by the Harris brothers. I'm about half way through it and found it had great things to say to teens and adults. I hope to post a more thorough review later, but needless to say, I'm going to be recommending this book to the teens I know and to our church youth leader. Below you can find a bit more on Do Hard Things and the Harris brothers and even a taste of the first chapter. And hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later!

It's May 15th, time for the Non~FIRST blog tour!(Join our alliance! Click the button!) Every 15th, we will featuring an author and his/her latest non~fiction book's FIRST chapter!

The feature author is:

Alex and Brett Harris and their book, Do Hard Things:


Alex and Brett Harris founded in August 2005 and today at age 19 are the most popular Christian teen writers on the Web. The twins are frequent contributors to Focus on the Family’s Boundless webzine, serve as the main speakers for the Rebelution Tour conferences, and have been featured in WORLD magazine, Breakaway, The Old Schoolhouse, and the New York Daily News. Sons of homeschool pioneer Gregg Harris and younger brothers of best-selling author Joshua Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye), Alex and Brett live near Portland, Oregon.

Click here (you might have to scroll down a bit) to read the first chapter.

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