Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Peek into the Randomness That is My Life

Conversation today between me and Sissy after a trip to the bank.

Sissy: "Mom, wasn't that waterfall cool? It really worked, that wasn't the coffeemaker you were hearing."

Me: "There was a waterfall? I didn't see it. I was looking at the fireplace."

Sissy: "What fireplace?"

Were we in the same dimension?


Technology. I'm talking on the phone to my friend (who can out herself if she wants!) halfway across the world while she's trying on clothes. We hang up so she can text me a picture of herself in a dress so I can see it, call her back, and give her my opinion.

And hey, it was a cute dress. So now I can go shopping with a friend without leaving the comfort of my home.

My life is so exciting. Aren't ya just green with envy? Olive? Sage? Celedon? Lime? Mint?

(random thought: isn't it weird all of those colors are also food? I'm now hungry and will have to think about if that's true for other colors, that alternate names are mostly things you eat. Hmm.)

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