Monday, May 10, 2010

Did you get it?

Writing guru, "snowflake guy," and all around funny dude Randy Ingermanson has sent out his latest edition of the Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine.

If you don't get it, why not? Each issue is packed full of yummy writing goodness. Here's why you should (Randy says it better than I do. He does a lot of things better than I do):

Award-winning novelist Randy Ingermanson, "the Snowflake Guy," publishes the Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, with more than 20,000 readers, every month. If you want to learn the craft and marketing of fiction, AND make your writing more valuable to editors, AND
have FUN doing it, visit

Download your free Special Report on Tiger Marketing and get a free 5-Day Course in How To Publish a Novel.

No, I don't get anything for passing on valuable info to you. Other than good feelings :)

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