Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We're Not Blended, We're Pureed

One widowed mom with two sons.
One widowed dad with one son.
Blend for twenty second until right consistency.
But hit the wrong button, and this family is not blended--we're pureed!

So the question is, do you say it pure-AYED or pure-EED? I say it the first way but when I listened to Diana's radio interview on the book everyone was saying it the latter way. Must be a geographical thing.

But I digress.

I'm so excited to finally hold this book in my hands. It's not my baby, but it's the next best thing. I've watched this book from it's very first inception, through its edits, and cover designs, and finally, its production.

This book addresses a huge need out there for the growing number of blended families that find out it's not quite as easy as the Brady Bunch made it look and wonder how to navigate the minefield of problems blended families must face. Diana's practical experience, combined with co-writer Marty's professional experience, makes this book the perfect blend of ideas, wisdom, comfort, and hope for blended families.

Over 30 million children live with a stepparent in a blended family. Although each family has its unique set of circumstances, everyone faces similar challenges. This book asks if two families can ever learn to cohabitate in peace. With the help of God, the answer is yes.

Perfect for those who feel like they've turned into fairy-tale wicked stepparents, dating couples, newlyweds, pastors, and counselors. This book is a compilation of real-life experiences held together with humor and peppered with informative commentary.

The pros and cons of changing your children's last names
How to deal with sibling rivalries
What to do when siblings try to play parents against each other
Why in-laws may resist accepting you or your children
Practical advice on discipline

Buy it here:

Get more info here (including a super cute book trailer you have to watch).

Read the first chapter here.


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