Monday, April 3, 2006

Should be an interesting week

A new week, a new month, but not a new post. I wanted to talk about villians, but I don't have the brain power right now. I'm getting ready to head off to Mt. Hermon this week, along with Mike Snyder, Jeanne Damoff, and Dineen Miller. Should be a great time once I get there.

Before then I've got to do all the usual conference prep for myself, plus get my kids packed because they're going to grandma's for the week, and leave the house in some sort of order for my husband who will be here all by his lonesome. Well, him and the dog and two cats. And what's really sad is that people are actually feeling sorry for him, offering him dinner invitations while we're gone. Please. He's really looking forward to this, pigging out on Taco Bell and catching up on movies.

What I want to know is, who's going to feel sorry for me? (hint, hint, it's supposed to be you guys) I'm dragging two kids and luggage through the airport. I have to remember to frisk my son before we go to make sure he hasn't brought any toys that resemble weapons and hope that at the airport he doesn't do something that threatens national security and gets us in trouble. Last time we were at the airport, he tried to pull a fire alarm.

The plan is to try to update this blog while I'm at Mt. Hermon. We'll see if that actually happens. We might be having too much fun, uh, I mean we might be learning so much about writing, that it might not happen. However, I promise to let you know if I survived the trip through the airport and the subsequent flight with my kids.


  1. I feel ya. I once had to make an airport connection with my four, six, and eight-year-old kids and no husband to help haul the gear. Our first flight ran late, which meant we literally had to sprint through the airport to catch the next one. I'm sure we provided amusement for anyone watching. We certainly weren't inconspicuous. I'm shouldering several large bags and holding one tiny hand, calling over my shoulder, "Come on. Hurry! We're going to miss it." The kids are whining, "I need to go to the bathroom. I'm tired. I can't run anymore. I'm hungry. I don't want to get on another airplane. Let's go home . . ."

    Now. Don't you feel better? :)

    We WILL have fun. Practice those karate moves. ;)

  2. Ooo, Calvin on a plane and no hubby to help keep him in check? I'm feeling the need for Men in Black. Got your suit and shades ready? But wait, like you said nothing even resembling weapons are allowed in aiports.

    Oh well, does bribery work? Now you can see why my goddaughter loves me so much. I can spoil her and then hand her back. The single life isn't looking so bad right now. :)

  3. Yes, I do feel better, Jeanne. :) Originally, I had planned for us to make a connection in OC where my mom would get the kids then I would hit my flight to San Jose. Except that there was only an hour between flights, and it would have been the last flight of the day there, a chance I wasn't willing to take. So I'm spending the night in OC and flying out the next morning, hoping that will be less stressful.

    I don't know about the karate, but I have a tour jeté and a one-handed cartwheel. Might have to do. I am so going to regret posting that.

  4. Hey Jennifer, sorry to hear you were sick. I'm working on getting out of hear too. LOL! At least I don't have to fly this time. He he...

    Man, we have too much in common! Remind me to tell you at Mt. Hermon about our confrontation with Paris airport security, my 11 year old daughter and a pair of scissors. Shudder...

    So, do I get to see the one-handed cartwheel? ;-)

  5. Yeah, Dineen, you can see it when you see the Chick Flick Cherry on my toes. :)

  6. And one-handed cartwheels, too? wow! You are my hero!

    I'm counting on living vicariously through you so please post--please, please, please!

    Oh, and Dineen, one word...
    pictures! I'll pay:-)

    Have fun!
    Abundant blessings!

  7. Hey! No fair, Jenny, trying to bribe Dineen!

  8. LOL! Deal, packing the camera right now. And I have a present for you, Jennifer. Something to go with that Chick Flick Cherry. I nice finisher, I think. Mwah ha ha ha....