Monday, January 29, 2007

A Year Long Class on Writing . . . and It's Free

At the end of last year I mentioned that Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie were going to be teaching a year-long writing class on their blog and you can participate. Well, I sorta forgot about it until the other day. So, here's the link.

One thing I always enjoyed about reading their blog and listening to their lectures on CD is that they approach writing a little differently. This is good for beginning writers to know and for all of us to remember. There is more than one way to write. Part of the learning curve is figuring out how you do it.

The other enjoyable thing is how they banter and bait each other a lot. Good to know writers can have a good sense of humor. At least all the ones I hang out with do . . .

Finally, it's free. That is almost always a good thing, especially for broke writers.


  1. Gotta check this out. Free is good--time to do it even better :-)

    Abundant blessings,
    Jenny Cary

  2. Actually, i've been loosely following it (pats on my back for marking it way back in the day when you mentioned it - in the day seems to be my phrase of the day, by the way). Some of it has been quite helpful.

  3. I'm with Jenny, free is good! Thanks for the tip :-)