Monday, February 18, 2008

An Acceptance at Last

I got some good news Saturday. My short story, "Heart Surgery" was accepted by Mused, the online literary journal of BellaOnline.

This thrilled me to no end. First, of course, because it was an acceptance and those are few and far between in my life lately. But this piece has an interesting history. I submitted it to a Christian contest last year where it didn't place (but fellow Misfit Angie Poole did).

Also, it was the seed that started the novel I'm currently working on. I don't normally consider myself a short story writer. But as I have less time to write, I find that it is an interesting way to play with characters and story ideas.

But what I think is really cool is that Mused is a secular publication, an area I've been thinking about moving toward. So it was wonderful feedback that my writing can succeed in the secular women's fiction world.

I'll post the link to the issue when it comes up, around March 21 I believe.

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