Friday, February 15, 2008

Biddy Basketball

As I've mentioned before, Hoosiers take their basketball seriously. And they start them young. Calvin (not his real name) started playing biddy ball last week for Pre-K and K. He's one of the oldest, already being 6, but still one of the shortest. Wait for the growth spurt, Son, around 9th grade.

Unlike other little kids sports where all the kids move in a pack following the ball, their first game actually looked like a real game with dribbling, shooting, running up and down the court, and falling on the ball.

The cutest thing is how they teach them to play defense. They give them and an opposing team member matching armbands and that's who they're supposed to guard. Calvin of course thought his was either a Power Ranger or some super power wrist band and kept pointing it at the other kid. Not sure if he thought it would vaporize him, or what.

Of course like other little kid sports there were kids not paying attention, kids who didn't wnat to play, and parents "coaching" from the stands. My personal pet peeve. Let the kids have fun, okay?

There was some confusion over which basket belonged to which team. And the ceiling started to leak which lead to an interesting variation on the sport: Parents had to stand on towels in the leaky spots.

Personally, as long as Calvin can run off some of his energy that builds up from being cooped up inside all winter, I'm happy. Otherwise he tends to be a little too much like the creative-but-destructive Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes (thus, the nickname).

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