Friday, June 13, 2014

Change, creativity, and coming home.

Computer and planner on a desk
Photo credit: Jennifer Vander Klipp
Several months ago I made a pretty big change in our lives.

I came home.

For some reason, that’s how I’ve been characterizing the move I made to leave my managing editor job at one of the largest Christian publishers and work from home running my own business. For the past nine months I’ve been contemplating this, and in my head I kept saying, “I want to come home.”

I could probably fill many journal pages on the layers of meaning behind that phrase. And probably will. But the challenge I’ve been pondering lately is how to take this gift I’ve been given (and it truly is a gift to be able to run my own business from home) and use it to its best possible purpose. To not squander it. To get out of it all I hoped and dreamed it would be when I pictured the phrase, “I want to come home.”

In fact, the image that ran through my head with that phrase was of my dining room table with morning sunlight streaming in. Something like this.
Dining room table with window behind it
Photo credit: Jennifer Vander Klipp

Though in reality, I rarely work at the dining room table, since it is the hub of all household activity. Most of my work takes place at my desk, pictured above, which has two windows with lovely views of trees and birds and all sorts of creatures. Possibly reason enough to leave my cubicle.

So for the near future I’m going to be exploring the various ways my life has changed. New goals, new routines, new ways to figure out how to be productive, how to even define productive. Plus I have some pictures to share of remodeling my house, turning ugly into beauty, and of the creatures—my new coworkers—that share my day.

It’ll be an adventure!


  1. Working at home has its challenges but the joy outweighs them.
    Welcome home.