Friday, June 6, 2014

I am super excited about something. Last summer, my agent Greg Johnson approached me about something new he was starting up. A website that would be national and local, that would connect churches with their communities, and connect the Church as a whole with sources for enriching entertainments, speakers, blogs, books, and so on.

This spoke to me because I have been inside and outside the Christian community. I've served on church staffs and worked for Christian organizations. But I've also moved to a new town and not known how to find what churches would have resources for my kids. Or where to find a Christian school. Or how to find some great entertainment for the weekend.

I've also been in small groups that want to serve our community but have no idea where the greatest needs are. hopes to do all that and more. We're just beginning and have some growing pains. But check us out. Sign up. And tell your friends!

Here's our official announcement: launches today!

We are live and ready to serve. Find your area. Become a member. Fill our your profile. Tell 454 of your closest friends and relatives and ask them to do the same (here, we will make it easy for you, simply share this post on your timeline).

And speaking for 454…this is how many areas we’re live in. Right now we have concerts in nearly every location, books, music, videos…so we’re ready for local churches, ministries, counselors, schools, camps, musicians, wedding venues—and a whole lot more--to post their local content.

More than one year in the making…dedicated to the ONE we serve.

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